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Celebrity Survivor 2: Merapi
ORG Staffing
Host: Bo as Jeff Probst
Additional Staff: Jessica as Paparazzo
Game Statistics
Board Access: Deleted
Date Began: March 4, 2010
Date Finished: April 16, 2010
# of Contestants: 28 Players
Winner(s): Holly Marie (4-3-1)
Various Tribes
PreMerge Tribes: Hex-Java Java
Hex-Karta Karta
Hex-Lahars Lahars
Hex-Solo Solo
Merge Tribe: Hex-Yogya Yogya
Returning Seasons
Celebrity Survivor 6: Gerard, Ne-Yo,
Pete & The Undertaker
NP Awards

The game began by having 20-30 people sign up as their favorite celebrities of all time. No celebrity that had already been played in a previous season of this series could be chosen again. There were no other real limitations on who they could pick to play as. The game would also have another person playing as the Paparazzo. The Paparazzo would NOT be a player in the game and could NOT win it. However, they'd get to cast a single vote in every Tribal Council.

The 28 players were split into 4 tribes.

For the first 9 rounds the tribes battled it out in team based Immunity Challenges. The winning tribes were spared from Tribal Council for the round in which they won, but the losing tribe(s) went to Tribal Council (TC for short) and voted one of their own members out of the game.

Some Immunity Challenges also offered rewards like Rice and a Safety Ring. Those who owned and ate enough Rice would receive an advantage in the very next Immunity Challenge. Those who owned a Safety Ring were unable to receive votes from the Paparazzo.

At the F22, the the 3 tribes who had performed best in the previous challenge were told to select a leader. Those 3 leaders were responsible for the selection of a tribal shuffle, in which the tribe not represented by a leader was no more. After selecting the new tribes Pick 'Em style, one player was left without a tribe and removed from the game as a result.

At the F14, the 1 tribe to lose the previous challenge was dissolved into the remaining 2 tribes.

At the F11, the 2 tribes were joined together to form 1 larger, new tribe. This sparked a change in the game on several levels. Immunity was no longer a team effort. Instead, challenges were now individual with only 1 winner each time.

At the F3, those who received 10th-4th Place were brought back in order to vote for who they'd wish to win this game. They could only vote for 1 of the 3 players who made it to the end of the game.


Player Information

Placing Played As Alumni Tribes Elimination Total Votes NP Points
1st Holly Marie Abnormalbay Hex-LaharsHex-SoloHex-SoloHex-Yogya Finalist 0 +280
2nd Brent FunHippieFairy Hex-SoloHex-SoloHex-SoloHex-Yogya Finalist 2 +140
3rd Oprah Syarefiqe_cute Hex-LaharsHex-KartaHex-SoloHex-Yogya Finalist 7 +93
4th Sophia Kag1408 Hex-SoloHex-SoloHex-SoloHex-Yogya Voted Out 3-1-1 5 +70
5th Ne-Yo Airhaj Hex-SoloHex-SoloHex-SoloHex-Yogya Voted Out 3-2-1 8 +56
6th Gerard Amunnakagoofyguy10 Hex-LaharsHex-JavaHex-JavaHex-Yogya Voted Out 5-1-1 6 +46
7th Alyssa Mbrenzy Hex-JavaHex-JavaHex-JavaHex-Yogya Voted Out 5-2-1 10 +40
8th Pete Picasims Hex-SoloHex-JavaHex-JavaHex-Yogya Voted Out 5-4 11 +35
9th Whoopi Mjw782003 Hex-KartaHex-JavaHex-JavaHex-Yogya Voted Out 7-3 10 +31
10th Michelle Diamondaurapayge Hex-KartaHex-JavaHex-JavaHex-Yogya Voted Out 4-1[1][2] 4 +28
11th Taylor Jdecastrooo14 Hex-JavaHex-KartaHex-JavaHex-Yogya Challenge 2 +25
12th Jake Rexmallory Hex-JavaHex-SoloHex-SoloHex-- Voted Out 6-1 8 +23
13th Cristiano Secondyhoomail50 Hex-KartaHex-KartaHex-SoloHex-- Voted Out 6-2 7 +21
14th Carrie Simplyxcass Hex-KartaHex-KartaHex-JavaHex-- Voted Out 5-2-1 6 +20
15th Jennifer Supergoten Hex-SoloHex-KartaHex--Hex-- Voted Out 4-1-1 4 +18
16th Angelina Iresqu911 Hex-JavaHex-JavaHex--Hex-- Voted Out 5-2 5 +17
17th Jensen Kryptonized Hex-KartaHex-SoloHex--Hex-- Voted Out 5-2 6 +16
18th Zooey Danny610us Hex-KartaHex-KartaHex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-1 7 +15
19th Courtney Ultimatebearsfan89 Hex-JavaHex-JavaHex--Hex-- Voted Out 7-1 7 +14
20th Rick Nils-beckerbecker Hex-KartaHex-SoloHex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-1-1 6 +14
21st Usher Z.busch12 Hex-SoloHex-KartaHex--Hex-- Voted Out 5-1-1-1 6 +13
22nd The Undertaker Mike5179 Hex-JavaHex--Hex--Hex-- Pick 'Em Twist 2 +12
23rd Justin B. Chocochips_hater Hex-LaharsHex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 4-1 7 +12
24th Paris Godcallisto Hex-SoloHex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-1-1 6 +11
25th Justin H. Mschwanke Hex-LaharsHex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 3-3[3] 6 +11
26th Joanna Yoyooo789 Hex-LaharsHex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 4-3 4 +10
27th David Sjllow Hex-JavaHex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 6-2 6 +10
28th Kesha Amywinehousefan1300 Hex-LaharsHex--Hex--Hex-- Voted Out 8-0 8 +10

Game Charts


Based on the Survival Average used at True Dork Times.


Foot Notes

  1. Michelle voided Brent's vote.
  2. HII used by Ne-Yo (5 votes void).
  3. Tie vote between Justin B & Justin H; 0 and 3 past votes respectively.

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